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Explore Art as a Tool in Healing

As a mother of a cancer survivor, Maria Ojascastro has special interest in teaching patients and their family members to use art as a tool in healing. She teaches cancer patients through Siteman Cancer Center's Art+Healthcare program,  the Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis' Art for Recovery program, and St. Anthony's Cancer Center Breast Cancer Support Group. She has also conducted expressive art workshops for numerous educational, mental health, and cultural institutions including The Brown School of Social Work at Washington University, The Missouri Mental Health Counselors Association and The Center for Survivors of War Trauma and Torture. For upcoming expressive art workshops, please go to the "What's Up" page.


1058 Old Des Peres Road  St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 238-2000
1058 Old Des Peres Road  St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 238-2000
1058 Old Des Peres Road  St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 238-2000


 Variety of form and brilliancy of color are actual means of recovery.”              - Florence Nightingale


Explore Healing through Creative Expression

The following workshops provide the opportunity for participants to:


  • Learn about the positive impact creativity has in everyday life. 
  • Learn techniques to trust intuition in the creative process to promote change and emotional healing.
  • Create a piece of art work.



Never Judge a Book by Its Cover: The artist will lead participants through a hands-on mixed media experience that transforms a book into a vehicle for creative expression. This activity requires participants to dig into hidden meaning and find a story relevant to personal experience.text and their own thought process.

Wellness and Watercolor: Embrace the unpredictability of watercolor. Student's will use Monet's masterworks as their inspiration and learn simple techniques to make their own works of art.

Fun and Functional: Duck tape is known for fixing almost anything. Participants will use it to create a multitude of fun and functional objects. The artist will teach participants to use this versatile material to make accessories like jewelry, purses, or ipad covers.

Cut, Collage & Create: Mixed media artist will introduce basic design concepts and provide plenty of examples, materials and guidance for participants to create their own work of art.

Plant Prints: We'll pound natural dye out of plants and herbs onto fabric, then make aromatic sachets from the plant prints. A great way to hammer out stress, then create a positive takeaway. Maria Ojascastro will walk participants through this unique and relaxing process.  

To schedule a workshop for your group, contact the artist at

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